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Stay Safe Tips

Stay Safe Tips

Using Family Sunshine Lamps by Total Solar Lamps (formerly Awango by Total) Solar Lamps
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Solar Lamps

How to choose a engine oil?
How to choose

the Right Engine Oil

Onigbagbo Service Station
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in all 36 States in Nigeria

We don't Just Stop at Cars

We Fuel Planes Too

Make Better Roads

Use Total Bitumen

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Wash Hands

COVID-19 Stay Safe Tips

To protect ourselves & others, these small preventive measures can save lives.

International Children's Day 2020

Total Nigeria celebrates 2020 International Children's Day

Total Job Shadow 2019

Total Job Shadow 2019

Total showcases its work processes to students to enhance their career choices

Total Solar Lamps

Total Solar Solutions

Total Solar Kits were selected for the quality of their components and their compliance with safety standards.