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Your TOTALCARD EXPRESS is a Money-on-the-go electronic smart card, used for purchasing products and services offered in over 300+ Total Service Stations nationwide. It also doubles as consumption/expense tracking card that provides purchase reports readily accessible online via


  • Your card transactions are PIN protected.
  • Card validity is 4 years.
  • In the front of your card is a  3 digit Card Verification Number (CVN) used for web transactions on
  • Your card can be blocked and/or unblocked on your request.
  • The Maximum balance your card can hold is N1Million.

Benefits of your TOTALCARD EXPRESS

  • Your card is accepted a viable means of payment for goods and services in 300+ Total service stations nationwide.
  • Your card provides safety which eliminates the risk and uncertainty associated with carrying cash.
  • TOTALCARD EXPRESS is guarded by the most secure technology for cards which protects your money.
  • Each transaction comes with a physical receipt for tracking  and monitoring spends.(for self  and  3rd party spend monitoring).

Card Activation Process

Step 1

  • VIA SMS: Text Reg Space CVN Space Year of Birth to after which you will receive a SMS containing your transaction 4 (four) digit pin which giving you access to your card.


    • Dial **CardNumber*CVN#
    • Answer a simple security question, and Press send
    • You will get an Activation SMS notification with 4(four) digit pin sent after card activation is successful.

Step 2

  • VISIT TOTALCARD Portal to complete your profile
    • Visit on your Mobile or PC
    • Click on Activate my card link.
    • Answer a simple security question, and Click on Activate

Kindly note that you must activate your TOTALCARD EXPRESS before use at our stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reload my TOTALCARD Express?

  • - You can top up your Total card through the under listed channels:
    - Web portal :
    - Quick teller :
    - On all Quickteller ATMs: using the biller code -04234501
    - On all Quickteller POS machines: using the biller code -04234501
    - Physically at our selected Total station nationwide

How does my TOTALCARD EXPRESS work?

  • - Inform the customer attendant that you are a TOTALCARD EXPRESS customer.
    - Present your TOTALCARD EXPRESS to the Customer Attendant for the status to be checked (card validity and card balance).
    - The attendant will ask you for quantity or amount of the product(s) you want to buy
    - You will be served with the required product(s) accordingly
    - The attendant will enter the details of the transaction into the terminal and then hand over the terminal to you to confirm if the amount on the terminal’s screen corresponds with the amount of your purchase(s)
    - If amount agrees with your purchase(s), validate the transaction by entering your 4-digit PIN code.
    - He will take back the terminal while it is printing the receipt
    - The receipt and your TOTALCARD EXPRESS will be handed over to you
    - Never let the attendant key in your PIN code.
    - Always enter your PIN code by yourself.
    - If you enter the INCORRECT pin code twice, prompt the attendant to cancel the process, and then verify your pin before concluding your transaction

What can I purchase with my TOTALCARD EXPRESS?

  • - Fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene)
    - Lubricants
    - Cooking Gas
    - Grocery and all other shop items
    - Car Wash
    - Car Servicing
    - Recharge Cards etc


  • Always keep your card safe and secure.
  • Do not key in wrong PIN code three times as your card will get blocked.
  • Do not let the attendant see or key in your pin code.
  • Card holder is responsible for typing the correct pin on the Total card terminal.
  • Do not leave the station without your card purchase receipt.
  • Do not request for cash in exchange for TOTALCARD EXPRESS value.
  • Do not keep your PIN code and card together as it can be used fraudulently.

What happens to my account when my TOTALCARD EXPRESS is lost or stolen?

Always remember that your money is safe as you are required to report any lost or stolen cards immediately to the under listed platforms:

  • Any Total Service Station nearest to you
  • via Social Media
    • Facebook @TotalNigeria using the hashtag #Totalcard_Ng
    • Twitter @TotalNigeria using the hashtag #Totalcard_Ng
    • Whatsapp @MobileNumber  or by calling (phone number)

Card Features and Fees



Card Cost

NGN 1,000


4 Years

Transaction Charges POS (Quickteller)

NGN 100

Transaction Charges ATM (Quickteller)

NGN 100

Transaction Charges Web portal top up (

NGN 100

Highest card reload/topup amount per day.

NGN 250,000

Daily usage (transaction)

No charges

Card Issue/Replacement

NGN 1, 000

Missing Card Balance Transfer

NGN 1,500

Card Blocking

No charges

Card Unblocking

NGN 500

Pin Re-issue

No Charges

*Please note that prices listed above can be changed according to prevailing economical conditions with prior notice to the customer.

Terms and conditions apply, Kindly visit for more information on our Frequently Asked Questions together with our Terms and Conditions.

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