14 Fridays of exciting giveaways


14fridays competition

  14 Fridays Poster


Q How do i enter for the promotion?
 Follow us on Twitter Answer all the weekly quizes before the all Fridays until December 2014
Q What is the promotion duration period?
A The promotion would run from Wednesday, 3 Óctober 2014 to Friday, 26 December 2014.
Q How many times can i win?
A If you have won a prize already you won't be eligible to win again; but if otherwise you can participate as many times as possible.
Q Where do i answer the questions?
A You would reply the tweet containing the quiz using the #14FRIDAYS hashtag and Retweet it to your friends.
Q How long do i have to answer the questions?
Questions expire 6 days after been asked.
Q When is my answer considered valid?
A. Only when your answer is received within the 6 day window 
Q  Is this promotion sponsored or managed by Twitter?
A. No, this promotion/ page is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Twitter. It is fully managed by Total Nigeria Plc.
Q   How would winners be announced?
A.  Winners would be announced weekly after results have been collated.
Q   As a winner how do i get my prize?
A.  You will be required to give us your location, after which you would be redirected to the closest Total Office for your prize.
Q   As a winner what documents do i need to get my prize?
A.  You will be required to provide a valid means of identification for example drivers license, international passport or voters card.
Q   How long do i have to claim my gift?
A.  Immediately you are picked as a lucky winner you have until the date giving to you to redeem your prize else it would be re assigned to another winner.
Q. If i have any other issue how do i contact Total Nigeria Plc?A. Send a mail to info@total.com.ng or tweet @ us directly on Twitter


1.This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated 
with Twitter.  It is fully managed by Total Nigeria Plc.
3.Winners' can only be used to redeem  Awango by Total Solo Solar Lamp.
4.Offer only applies to our Nigerian fans only. 
6.Questions will expire 6 days after been posted.
7.Only answers received during the 6 day window are considered valid.
8. Winners are picked via a lucky dip process.
9. You can only win once.

Week 1 winners

There were no winners this week, because no one got the answer correct

Week 2 winners


  • @Godspowerfreedo
  • @diplowizye
  • @realOlaSleem


Week 3 winners


  • @IamDemola_
  • @Eldivaa
  • @teefunky101


Week 4 winners




Week 5 winners


  • @Holuwatosyn
  • @AriyoMadeIt


Week 6 winners


  • @seyiodunkoya
  • @YANDE800
  • @ademakanaki


Week 7 winners


  • @toniaqeency
  • @ayinlasamson
  • @razaqabolade


Week 8 winners


  • @beautyfola


Week 9 winners


  • @warixfrank
  • @jeliliomooba
  • @mastasabo


Week 10 winners


  • @dopeliner
  • @sita4u
  • @rokibfatai


Week 11 winners


  • @Udcharles
  • @ijeomakelly_5
  • @kanyowen2


Week 12 winners


  • @slickmarble
  • @Abdul_QaharH


Week 13 winners


  • @BryteDude
  • alaosignal
  • @0801SPARTAN


Week 14 winners


  • @miz_baz
  • @_zizabuya



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