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Whether you have an entire fleet of boats or a single model, Total Lubmarine has the oils to maintain your fishing, coastal and inland marine vessels. Total Lubmarine in Nigeria is a subsidiary of Lubmarine worldwide and we are committed to meeting our customers increasingly demanding  requirements in Nigerian ports. We offer high quality marine lubricants with a unique network team in our regions where marine lubricants are lifted. The team in Nigeria has added a passionate commitment to serving ships with our range of products, no matter where in Nigerian port they are.

Top-quality lubricants for tough environments

Boats often operate in severe conditions. Given the demands put on their engines, your vessels require lubricants that enable optimal performance, no matter what they are up against. You can count on our complete range of oils to accommodate all of your 4- and 2-stroke engine needs. We also have special lubricants designed for hydraulic systems, stern tubes and reduction drives. These products are suited to barges as well as fishing, river and small sea boats. Here are some of the benefits our lubricants provide:

  1. Engine cleanliness
  2. Long engine life
  3. Optimal engine performance
  4. Easy cold starts
  5. Excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties
  6. Strong thermal resistance

We blend 80% of all marine lubricants in our plant at Koko Delta state and Kirikiri plant Apapa Lagos. The finished products are packed in the following sizes:

  1. 205Ltr Drum
  2. 50Kg Pail
  3. 25Ltr Keg
  4. 18Kg Keg and Pail

We are happy to work with you to find the oils that are perfectly suited to your needs

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