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TOTAL is renowned for producing some of the best high quality lubricants available on the market today. Our consistent collaboration with major engine manufacturers in Europe, Japan and America coupled with research and development at its pinnacle has helped put our products in a pre-eminent position in the market. Our excellent oils, perfectly suited for the engines of today, and ready for tomorrow, are distributed to our retail outlets, and to our industrial customers all over Nigeria under the highest levels of quality control through our lubricants depots.  

Take care of your car engine, by using our products, to know more about these products, please click on the links.

Engine oil: tested in very harsh conditions, our engine oils meet international specifications and the most demanding car-manufacturers requirements.

  1. Quartz 9000 5W40
  2. Quartz 7000 15W50
  3. Quartz 5000 20W50 
  4. Total Classic SAE 40
  5. Manual gear-box oil

    Getting the best from transmission systems demands the provision of an oil that has been designed for a longer lifespan and a better functioning, that is exactly what we have on offer.

    Gear boxes, axles, transfer boxes, mild loaded axles:

    1. Transmission TM 80W90
    2. 85W 140
    3. EP 85W 140
    4. Highly loaded gears: EP 85W 90
    5. Automatic gear-box oil

    Our lubricants have been designed and tested to meet the most demanding automatic transmission systems. 

    1. DEXRON III : Fluide AT 42
    2. DEXRON IID:  Fluide II D

    Brake and clutch fluids

    Our brake fluids have been made with the best technology available because we are committed to ensuring the safety of drivers.  

    1. Synthetic Fluid with DOT 3 level: HBF 3 Synthetic Fluid with DOT 4 level: HBF 4
    2. Greases
    3. We recommend  Multi-purpose Lithium/Calcium  (MULTIS 2 ) grease for general lubrication under normal temperature and light load. 

      The benefits for you:

      1. Enhances post-treatment system performance
      2. Reduces maintenance costs for your car
      3. Reduces your car’s fuel consumption and pollutant emissions
      4. Is suited to all types of use, even the most intensive