Lubricants Blending Plants

Lubricants Blending Plant  

State of the art facility

TOTAL Nigeria Plc's blending Plants ranks among the most advanced in Nigeria. Achieving the NIS ISO 14001:2004 international certification, our blending Plants produce top of the line lubricants that are environmentally friendly. Our blending Plants are among the few facilities in the country that have the ISO 9001:2000 recognition. The NIS ISO 14001:2004 rating is an international standard that specifies requirements for customer satisfaction through product quality and/or services.


In order to maintain and consolidate its unique position in the oil and gas industry, Total Nigeria Plc established three Lubricants Blending Plants at Koko in Delta State, Kaduna in Kaduna State and Kirikiri in Lagos State. Our biggest blending Plant located at Koko, Delta State was built in 1979, and it also houses our Bitumen Plant. The increasing demand for quality lubricants, as well as the need for faster reaction to our customers' needs necessitated the establishment of a second blending Plant in the northern part of the country. This blending Plant, which is smaller in size and capacity to the first, is located in Kaduna, Kaduna State.


The company later inherited a third blending Plant, which belonged to Elf Oil Nigeria Limited, after the merger of the two companies in 1999. Up until this time, the blending Plant was located in Apapa, Lagos State but was relocated to Kirikiri (also in Lagos State) after the merger.


From these blending Plants, our top of the line quality lubricants are produced in accordance to specifications developed by the TOTAL group'sresearch facility at Gonvreville in France, and are in turn distributed to our lubricants depots nationwide.

Quality Control

To ensure that lubricants produced conform to specification, each blending Plant has a well-equipped laboratory for testing raw materials (base oils & additives), and blended lubricants. These laboratories also carry out analysis on oil-in-use and/or used oil, at customers' request. Various analysis conducted in the laboratories include foaming, flash point, pour point, TAN, TBN, viscosity, colour, density, water content, calcium content, zinc content, etc. Test results on external samples are dispatched to customers within a maximum of 48 hours from the time of receipt of sample.


The Future

We are proud to be contributing positively to the economic growth of Nigeria, and we are confident we shall continue to add value to our service. To ensure this is achieved, we shall continue to partner with our customers by meeting their requirements in terms of product quality and services. We shall continue improvement in ensuring that our blending activity is clean and harmless to the environment.