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Total Nigeria Plc markets gas with the brand name of LPG, which stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. LPG is versatile, fast, clean, powerful, portable and most importantly, very safe. It is used in a wide range of applications: cooking, heating, refrigeration and lighting. LPG is a modern, affordable alternative to electricity. Since it comes in a bottle, it can be moved from room to room, or taken outdoors. In addition, LPG is an energy that responds instantly. There are no power cuts with LPG. It is non-toxic (not poisonous), clean-burning and non-pollutant to the atmosphere. Bottled gas is available in a wide range of cylinders to fit any appliance. We offer the following range of cylinder sizes (and this gives us the edge in catering for all kind of LPG installations you may require) :

  1. 3kg cylinders
  2. 12.5kg cylinders
  3. 50 kg cylinders

Our cylinders not only provide energy to industrial and agricultural facilities, public institutions, hotels, restaurants and catering units but are also equally suitable in the home for baking, and cooking.