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Diesel Pump

Fuels for Diesel Engines

Automotive Gas oil, also known as diesel, is generated from crude distillation process and is used to efficiently power internal combustion diesel engines.

Our diesel conforms to the following specifications from the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR):

Question picto Features/Specifications :

  • Specific gravity (@ 60/60°F)
  • Distillation
    1. FBP (OC) 10%
    2. Recovery (@35°C%wt)
  • Diesel index
  • Flash point (of)
  • Total sulphur (%wt)
  • Copper corrosion (3hr @ 100°C) .
  • Kinematic viscosity (@1 OO°Fcst)
  • Cloud point (oF)
  • Carbon residue (Conradson on 10% residue) %wt
  • Strong acid number (mg. KOH/g)
  • Tobal acid number (mg. KOH/g)
  • Ash content (%wt)
  • Water by distillation (%Vol.)
  • Water by extraction (%wt)