Q: How do I recharge or reload my Card?

A: Various recharge options exists:

  • Direct credit from our Head office or any of our customer Service Centers
  • Electronic payments
  • Bank to Bank transfers
  • Cash/Cheque deposits into any of our bank accounts

Q: What do I do if my card gets blocked?

A: A card gets blocked for the following reasons:

  • When a wrong PIN (Personal Identification Number) is entered thrice.
  • When the transaction is prematurely aborted
  • When a card is blacklisted after reported missing.

To resolve this, simply contact our Head office or any of our 18 Customer Service Centers nationwide.

Q: What do I do if my card is stolen, missing or misplaced?

A: Blacklist your card on the Extranet or call 01-4617044 or 08164160040 to report the stolen, missing or misplaced card or visit your nearest Total Customer Service Centre to make a report. You can also send a mail to customercare@total.com.ng

Q: How often can I generate fuel consumption reports?

A: You can generate fuel consumption reports as often as needed on the Extranet or contact Total Nigeria Plc Card office by sending an email to customercare@total.com.ng or calling 01-4617044 or 08164160040

Q: Where can I pick up my credit?

A: At any of our designated stations nationwide.

Q: Can I use the card to purchase other products/Service offered at the station?

A: Yes, as long as your control restrictions cover all products offered at the station.

Q: Can I recharge my card(s) at the TOTAL service stations?

A: No, card recharge can be done at Total Nigeria Plc Head Office or at any of our eighteen Customer Service Centers nearest to you.

Q: What do I do if my card is damaged?

A: Visit the Total Customer Service Centers nearest to you to report the damaged card and request for a replacement or blacklist your card on the Extranet and also make a replacement request.