Total Styrelf® is the result of the collaboration set up 30 years ago between TOTAL and the French "Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées" (French Roads Administration Laboratory). It has been continuously developed to meet today's changing requirements (processes, products, applications…).

Total Styrelf® is produced by cross linking the thermoplastic elastomers within bitumen.

The performances of Total Styrelf® have made it the ideal binder for heavy duty roads (intense traffic, harsh climatic conditions, etc.). Over the years, it has become a worldwide renowned brand: more than 20 million metric tons have been sold over the world.

Although initially developed as a fluxed binder for surface dressing, the success and performances of Total Styrelf® led to the technology being adapted to produce binders for use in high-performance bituminous mixes and emulsions.

STYRELF 13-60 Polymer Modified Bitumen For Thin Surfacing  
STYRELF 13-80 Polymer Modified Bitumen For Thin Surfacing  
STYRELF 15-60 Polymer Modified Bitumen For Thin Surfacing For High Stress Areas & HRA  
STYRELF B Polymer Modified Bitumen For Carpet Backings  

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