Vendor Management Service

Save Time and Money with TOTAL VMS

We are your burden bearer ! How about saving between 15-21% on energy consumption ! GOOD DEAL LIKE NEVER BEFORE

With our premium service called Vendor Management Service (VMS), we become your burden bearer as you hand over the management of your fuel and energy requirements to Total Nigeria Plc. VMS will save you money, time, and energy wasted in product procurement, housekeeping and other sundry issues associated with fuel usage.


As real time is wasted in sourcing for fuels, VMS  will help prevent high internal cost, high volume product loss, lack of accountability due to multiple suppliers and excessive stocking  which leads to capital tied down.


TOTAL, the supplier, will manage the product supplied, and will ensure effective and efficient distribution of the product up to the consumer's point of final consumption.


  1. Uninterrupted supply of products.
  2. Reliability of product quality with enhancement of equipment life span.
  3. Losses and spillage are controlled and finally eliminated.
  4. Reduction in operating cost.
  5. Maximum utilisation of facilities which results into reduction in unit cost of production.
  6. Stock on-site and payment is made as fuel is consumed with expert advice tailored towards customer's specific needs and operational conditions.
  7. Expert management of safety and environment.
  8. After sales support service, which includes lubricant analysis-both, used and fresh samples.
  9. Reduction of administrative problems and diversion from core business of customers.


To enjoy this premium service, please contact the following: Business Development Manager (+234) (01) 2621780-9 ext 2210, 2209