Lubricant Customers Get Trained at Total Lube-in-the-Box (LIB) Seminars

The Specialties Department of Total Nigeria Plc organised two Lube-in-the-Box (LIB) seminars to train lubricant customers on a range of key industry topics. Both seminars were held at Luxury City Hotel, Aba and Psalms Hotel, Enugu on August 19, 2016 and August 25, 2016 respectively.

Topics treated includes Total  product range and innovations, lubricant definition, function, classification and specification, oil drain and top up as well as product storage.

These seminars are organised regularly as platforms to strengthen customer relationships and keep them updated on company/industry developments.


Aba group of trainees for lubricant training in the Eastern Part of Nigeria 2016
Aba Group of Trainee's at the LIB training in ABA, Nigeria

Enugu Group for Trainees for Lubricants Training in the East 2016
Enugu Group of Trainee's at the LIB training in Enugu, Nigeria