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Aviation   We  provide the two major products in the Nigerian aviation industry: Avgas (Aviation Gasoline)Aviation Turbine Kerosene (also called Jet A-1)  Aviation Gasoline Total Nigeria Plc is the sole marketer of Avgas in Nigeria.  Our involvement in this business of AVGAS is to ensure that quality requirement is not compromised. It is worthy to note that since Total started marketing this product no incident of product quality has been recorded. This is solely because we ensure that the product  quality is maintained and  its source is certifiable and traceable at all times. There are various types of AVAGAS:

  1. AVGAS 80
  2. AVGAS 91
  3. AVGAS 100
  4. AVGAS 100L
  5. AVGAS  100LL

The highest grade amongst all its types is  AVGAS  100LL which Total markets. It is used only by aircrafts with piston engines like the ones used  by the Aviation College to train pilots.

Aviation Turbine KeroseneATK is the generic name for all types of aviation fuel. The name DPK connotes the dual use of the product as Household Kerosene (HHK) and ATK. The monitoring body in the  industry is known as JIG which is a committee  of all major marketers of the product and the airline representative like IATA. The checklist requirement is that the product quality remains unchanged form the refinery to the aircraft and that its source remains known throughout the chain of transfers form the refinery to the aircraft. This is referred to in the industry as traceability.


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